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New Plesk 8.1 Features

Plesk 8.1 is the latest installment of the award winning Webserver software formally known as Plesk Server Administrator (PSA). Plesk 8.1 is the Professional Virtual or Physical Webserver management software specifically designed with the assistance of hundreds of professional Hosting Service Providers (HSP) to allow quick deployment and simplified management of a Unix and Linux based server. Proven through years of professional production usage the Plesk server software is considered the industry standard in dedicated and shared single server environments. Plesk 8.1 delivers the stability demanded by Hosting Service Professionals while providing the self administration interfaces and end user access for mail, domain, reseller and server level administration.

Hosting Providers' Needs
Plesk 8.1 New Feature

Server Performance, Security and Stability

  • Spam Filtering option
  • Security Model has been significantly improved
  • IP Access Restriction
  • Apache Restart Interval Management
  • Increased Admin Password Security
  • Increased Mail Password Security
  • Managable SSH/Telnet Access
  • Integration with Virtuozzo VPS.
    Backup/Restore Utilities
  • Outstanding server security without loosing performance and flexibility.
  • Great performance and stability reduce set-up and maintenance costs.
Customisation and Branding
  • New Faster TEXT mode interface
  • Admin and Reseller Skeleton Directory
  • Enchansed Skins
  • Multilanguage Interface
  • Custom Logos
  • Create Control Panel which fits your own requirements
  • Sell services to customers all over the world
Integration with 3d-party Applications
  • Event Manager
  • Plesk Actions Logging
  • Comand Line Creation Utilities
  • Increase Plesk's functionality even more using wide range of 3d-party application
  • Increase revenue by providing additional services
Reduce Support Calls and Maintenance Costs
  • Mail User Login Interface…
  • Multiple Admin, Reseller, and Client Level Simultaneous Logins
  • Client or Domain Account Expiration
  • Domain Level Backup and Restore
  • Key Information Screen
  • New Auto Installer Interface
  • DNS restoration feature
  • System V Semaphores reduced.
  • Hard Limits on Disk Space Usage
  • Web User Disk Space Hard Limitation
  • Password Reminder System
  • RPM’s Checking Script
  • Notification Management
  • Reduce support calls
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Easy to make day-by-day work
Automatisation of Routine operations
  • Global Changes Interface
  • Client Template Creation
  • Enchanced Domain Templates
  • Cron Jobs Management
  • Fast Domain Renaming
  • Reduce support calls
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Easy to make day-by-day work
Wide Set of Allowed Services
  • Mailman” Mail List Manager Option
  • Tomcat” Option
  • PostgresSQL Database Support
  • PHPPgAdmin
  • Python CGI Support
  • WAP Support
  • Increase revenue by providing additional services
  • Increase customers satisfation by giving them additional tools.
  • Creates more powerfull sites
Usability and Better Services Management
  • Multiple IP Name base hosting
  • SSL Certificates Repository
  • Reseller & Client Summary Reports
  • Mail Alias Display on Mail Users Screen
  • Multiserver Support Orientation
  • Enchansed Domain Statistics Report
  • New 'light' TEXT mode interface
  • Reduce support calls by giving user-frendly clean interface
  • Increase customers satisfation by providing powerfull options for services management
Billing and Provisioning
  • New Traffic Accounting Mechanism
  • Integration with Plesk's Billing Manager
  • Creation Utilities for provisioning
  • Event Manager for provisioning.
  • Integration with PEM and HSPC.
  • Increase revenue by billing actual used traffic
  • Reduce maintenance costs by autoprovisioning mechanism
  • Use all benefits of other SWsoft's products integraing them alltogether
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